Honour Boards

Club Honours (since 2015)

Award 2015 2016 2017 2018
Mark Higgs Medal
Ed Barnard Henry Hunt Mark Solway Vele Dukoski
Club Champion

Peter Jensen Peter Jensen Darren Southwell Michael Stachow
Malcolm Allen
Clubperson of the Year

Ratsny Gillispie
& Julie Solway

Adrian Brunker Dean Solway
& Mark Solway
Peter Solway
Presidents Award
for Outstanding Service 
Rohan Ditton Matt Harding Michael Gilshenan  Darren Southwell
Luke Bush
Memorial Award
Henry Hunt Kel Evans Tyler Van Luin Jack Allen
John Solway
Spirit of Cricket
Dave Horsfall Michael Medved  Abhinash Kumar Tom Christou
& Brad Moore
Greg Mann
Players Player
Darren Southwell  Henry Hunt Josh Gregory Michael Medved

Sponsors & Supporters

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Sign Projects
McNamee Real Estate
Queanbeyan Kangaroo Club
Sign ProjectsSign Projects is a Canberra based business servicing the Commercial, Corporate and Government sectors.Products and services include:Design & Documentation, Neon & Illuminated Signs, Wall Features, Marketing Billboards, Banners, Window Film, Motor Vehicles, Maintenance & repairs. Sign Projects are also members of leading industry associations: The Master Builders Association and The Property Council of Australia

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