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The Snick - Queanbeyan Cricket – 150 years strong......

As we approach the 150th anniversary of the Queanbeyan Cricket Club, we take a look back at the incredible history behind the baggy blue cap.

It was less than one year ago when research by club secretary Ron Bates, revealed that the Queanbeyan District Cricket Club would be 150 years old as of 2013.

A newspaper report in the Queanbeyan Age dated 8 January 1863 detailed the clubs very first meeting, held on 2 January 1863, with 25 people in attendance. It was at that meeting that our first committee was formed.

Elected were:

President - Mr JJ Wright
Secretary - Mr S DeLissa
Treasurer - Mr WV Schrivener
Committee - Messrs. A Morton, J Kinsela, HM Davis, and M Doyle.

150 years on and the same time old processes that went into founding and forming of the club still exist today.

The same battles to survive and prosper, to perform on the field and to attract and retain players remain part and parcel of running a successful club.

The development of junior players and providing an avenue for young men and women to take part in a team sport where sportsmanship, etiquette and passion combine to bring the best out of individuals, to make them a better person are still prevalent.

Over the past four months The Snick has tried to paint a picture of this famous club.

To dip into the well and write of the club's past (and current) great players, to note the off-field efforts and to make mention of those behind the scenes; the administrators, the wives, partners and supporters.

On Saturday, February 23 we will come together as a club and as a community, to celebrate those 150 years.

For those who played from the 1950s-70s, they will remember the grounds, the players, the conditions and the oppositions of those times, and they will recall the many family functions and the spirit of that era.

From the 1980's onwards the memories will not be too different but these players were fortunate to play in an era where Queanbeyan claimed 10 first grade premierships in 30 years.

For all those attending there will no doubt be a consistent theme that playing for the Mighty Bluebags was an important part of their life. The community spirit and expectation, representing the little town across the border against the big city always brought the best out of everybody.

Remember - ONE week and counting down till the big weekend ... all current and former players are reminded that the RSVP for the big weekend of celebrations is passed but please head to the website for more information as we may still be able to fit you in ... so call 0449 904 052.

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