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The Snick - Queanbeyan Cricket – 150 years strong......

AS we approach the 150th anniversary of the Queanbeyan Cricket Club, The Queanbeyan Age takes a look back at the incredible history behind the baggy blue cap.

Only 2 weeks to go until a host of Queanbeyan Cricketers, Officials and Supporters rekindle stories of greatness, of premiership success, of battles hard fought and the nail biting losses and near misses.

As at today in excess of 220 Bluebags and friends have confirmed they will attend the 150th Anniversary Cocktail party on February 23rd. Many more will be attending the various BBQ's and events that will form the weekend of celebration of 150 years of cricket in this district.

Four players from the 1957-58 1st grade premiership side will be here. Pat Jeffrey, Malcolm Wheeler, Ian Armour and Jimmy 'Junior' Norton are excited to be coming together to share their success with the younger brigade.

We have 8 past Presidents attending in Armour, Col Berry, Winston MacDonald, Ray Hatch, Steve Bailey, Rod Winchester, Ian McNamee, Michael Frost and of course current President Peter Solway.

The Legend himself, Neil Bulger and brother Vince are coming along with many of the Premiership players from the 1980-81 and 1982-83 sides. The likes of Chris Henry, Frank Hansby, Graham Hore, Bill Carters, Wayne Campbell, Col Imrie, Tony Wynd and Phil Higgs will gather and tell yarn after yarn of batting feats and those classic catches.

The 3 key recruits of 1985-86, Mark Thornton, John Bull and Daryl Stevenson will reunite along with many of the late 80's and early 90's premierships and of course the current stars in Mark Higgs, Aaron Ayre, Lea Hansen and Jono Dean will be there.

Mel Johnson, Queanbeyan's Captain-Coach from 1967-70, former Test Umpire and Life Member of the Queensland Cricket Association and his wife are coming from Qld to be part of this historic weekend. Mel along with stalwarts Lloyd Buckley, Richard Longmore, Chops Bailey and Lindsay Coffey will tell wonderful tales of tough cricket and good times!

The Queanbeyan Ladies sides will be well represented with Sonia Price, Karen Hitchcock, Vanessa Picker, Anna Baker and Chloe Spear attending and offering stories of their very successful periods wearing the Bluebags caps.

The Snick cannot wait! See details below if you have yet to RSVP or want to attend....all are welcome.

Following on last week's selection process of great Queanbeyan teams, we received a email from a selector titled 'Leftie'. He argues that the team of left handed cricketers below would take on and beat any right handed side thrown together! He is obviously a left hander him or herself.

His side is formidable: Mark Higgs, Neil Bulger, Ian Armour, Alan Bailey, Mark Steel, Lea Hansen, Pat Jeffrey, Frank Hansby, Aaron Ayre, Mick Carruthers and Frank Nash.

Feel free to send a side to the Age or directly to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Remember - two weeks and counting down till the big weekend...all current and former players are reminded that the RSVP for the big weekend of celebrations is now upon us so please head to the website for more information.... call 0449 904 052 to confirm your place.

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