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The Snick - Queanbeyan Cricket – 150 years strong......

As we approach the 150th anniversary of the Queanbeyan Cricket Club, we take a look back at the incredible history behind the baggy blue cap.

NATURALLY after last week's somewhat controversial selection of The Snick's best ever Queanbeyan XI, there was always going to be debate and banter!

In the aftermath of The Snick's selections, the following message was received from former first grade premiership player and past president, Steve Bailey.

Bailey wanted to throw a couple of options for sides that would represent the Bluebags featuring 'Queanbeyan originals' – players who played their junior and early grade cricket in Queanbeyan.

He has used the guise of a 'Possibles v Probables' concept and it really does highlight just how many fine players that have worn and still wear the baggy blue cap as set out below:

Last week "The Snick" put forward its selection of the best players to have represented the Queanbeyan club since the Bluebags entered the Canberra competition in 1923.

Selecting a team across different eras is a risky business but The Snick has selected a very formidable combination.

Queanbeyan however, has also spawned a number of extremely talented individuals from within its own ranks who have gone on to represent the club and achieve higher representative honors.

As such, let me be so bold as to select two teams of Queanbeyan Originals who would be competitive against any opposition:

Queanbeyan Probables – Mark Higgs (c), Ian Armour, Michael Frost, Peter Solway, Alan Bailey, Les Manwaring, Tony Wynd, Mark Steel, Michael Carruthers, Mark Lynch, Alan Hodgson, Robert Regent (12th man).

Queanbeyan Possibles – Terry Freebody (c), Stephen Frost, Rod Winchester, Rod Blewitt, Adam Heading, Col Imrie, Jack McNamara, Malcolm Wheeler, John Kelly, Nathan Reid, Frank Nash, Ray Hatch (12th man).

Perhaps readers might like to submit their own teams for debate. After all, there are 22 million selectors of the national team, most of who disagree with John Inverarity!

Steve Bailey
The Original Snick

Well there you go. Bailey has issued the challenge to readers out there to send in their sides that could proudly represent the Bluebags.

Have we missed any great players over the past two weeks?

Send in your teams to the Queanbeyan Cricket This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and the selections will be displayed at the Freebody Oval Pavilion during the club's 150th anniversary weekend.

It's a scenario sure to provoke plenty of spirited debate as to just what is the best ever XI to ever take the field for Queanbeyan.

To date there has been a huge response to our re-union weekend and all current and former players are reminded that the RSVP for the big weekend of celebrations is fast approaching (5 February) so please go to the 150th Anniversary page for more information time is running out and numbers are limited.

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